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Engineering requirements for KBA laboratory

National hospital


  • Identification of engineering requirements for the main lab in KBA (Klinisk Biokemisk Afdeling). The laboratory must operate a fully automated blood analysis system.
  • Recommendations regarding flexibility of the lab in terms of capacity and function and a preferred tender process.
  • Deliver a high-level procurement and installation plan for the equipment delivered in the laboratory.

Solution - Proces

  • Meeting with users at KBA regarding KPI’s and statistics of analysis volumes at the current laboratory.

  • Field research at hospitals in Vejle and Odense including line walks and discussions of best practice.

  • Contact established with three suppliers regarding equipment and installation requirements.

  • Workshops with purchase and hospital consultants.

  • Statistical calculations of current and future capacity of the laboratory based on current measures from Hillerød, Odense and Vejle.


  • A complete report regarding the basis for project engineering was delivered within 4 weeks.
  • The report and appendices included description of equipment requirements and the requirements of the laboratory in order to meet capacity and function demands.
  • Statistical and quantitative data supporting all recommendations.
  • Flexibility of the laboratory was described regarding structure of the laboratory and the function/capacity of the equipment.
  • A high-level procurement and installation plan.
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