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Management consultancy with deep roots

Management Consulting

Gain input for strategy and operationalisation from management consultants who have worked with the systems and who have extensive regulatory and operational expertise

We have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise within GMP-regulated production thanks to numerous years of engineering experience from design, construction, validation and start-up of or changes to IT & Automation systems, production lines and facilities.

Furthermore, from the project management and management consulting services that we have provided to so many clients, we have developed a unique knowledge and expertise within strategy and management in GMP-regulated companies.

This translates into the best conceivable foundation for solid, operational management consultancy, rooted in deep knowledge and best practices and spanning production, management, strategy and industry. We consider this a critical competence in being able to deliver unique consultancy within management, support and production. Consultancy that in the end generates results.

We help our clients to create or adjust their strategic foundation, to execute, implement and anchor new processes, technology and culture within:

Quality management systems (QMS)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Architecture, technology and integration (e.g. hosting and cloud)

Program and project management (e.g. process optimisation)

Our management consultants have many years’ of experience from the managerial level, both on the client side and as consultants. They are able to closely cooperate with the client and the management team as if  they were part of the client’s management, thus helping to manage and realise managerial priorities.

"I always try to build a bridge between different perspectives. The essence of this I transform into an action plan. Then, I start to execute the plan together with the stakeholders. This ensures success. "
Henrik Johanning
CEO & Senior Consultant

Management Consulting contact

Henrik Johanning

CEO & Senior Consultant
  • IT & Automation / GAMP
  • Project Management
  • Management Consulting
  • GMP

Mikael Stenbakken

Senior Consultant
  • Management Consulting
  • GAMP
  • Procurement Management
  • Project- /Portfolio Management