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Simon Bagger

Senior Consultant and Manager, IT & Automation

IT & Automation / GAMP
Project Management
Computer System Validation

Simon holds a MSc in Eletrical Enginering - Automation and Robot Technology. Subsequently, Simon has accumulated 6 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry at Novo Nordisk and NNE, where he has developed into an experienced project manager with broad competences within GMP, IT & Automation as well as Computer System Validation specializing in, among other things. SattLine.

As a person, Simon is both structured and analytical, and he goes to the daily tasks efficiently in a creative and solution-oriented manner. Simon is an enthusiastic, positive and welcoming colleague. This also makes him an empathic communicator with a natural sense and respect for human relations and cooperation.

“I am passionate about my projects and work relations. This causes me to work energetic and result-oriented in order to secure a high level of quality. I take pride in being well-prepared and see to that my projects are finalized within the agreed terms. Thinking in a holistic manner and challenging the present conditions motivates me to achieve the best solutions. In my opinion, this is accomplished by close collaboration and open dialog within the team and with the stakeholders. I firmly believe in the value of a team effort”.