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Employee at G&M 

Charlotte, Manager & Senior Consultant, shares her version here of why she chose to join the G&M team. (Danish version)

Employee at G&M 

Our culture is important to us

As an employee of Genau & More, you will be part of a team with other hand-picked specialists. Through our diversity in preferences, competences and personality, we generate a unique synergy together. Openness, dialogue, humour, room for individual differences and caring are the keywords of our culture.

"It is important to me that there is room for individual differences and for humour, even though we are a serious company"
Michael Holt
Project manager, Consultant

Genau | Mission

At Genau & More, we are dedicated to supporting our Life Science clients to be successful in developing, implementing and maintaining the necessary quality for generating trust and patient safety in medical treatment.

At Genau & More, we know that, for both the patient and the client, quality is about a joint effort to develop and use the right Quality Mindset. This requires a qualified and motivated performance, where highly educated and experienced specialists who can navigate in complex client environments are the definitive success parameter.

Through cooperation with our clients and through sharing our experience and specialist knowledge, we provide high-level business support. This ensures that our clients benefit from optimal quality processes, continuous inspection readiness and, ultimately, business performance. 

Genau | Values

Our core values are a critical part of our DNA. They are the essence of our identity and are reflected in more or less everything we say or do. The core values represent a big part of our history and are of critical importance to the success of our common mision.


The way we carry out tasks

  • We are passionate and dedicated and tackle any task with great precision. In German, this is called Genau. For us, 99% is rarely good enough, and we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the task is completed to perfection.
  • It is important for us to do our best, and we work according to the motto “Right First Time”.

Human focus

How we see our employees

  • Our employees are our greatest asset. Everyone should feel appreciated and respected, and everyone has the opportunity to gain influence.
  • Through initiatives like the Genau Academy, we make sure that everyone develops continuously and that they fulfil their potential to the fullest. 


The way we cooperate

  • Our clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders are all our partners.
  • We take responsibility for the partnership and are mindful of our attitude, communication and behaviour.
  • It is our responsibility to stay updated regarding the newest legislation, and we are happy to share our knowledge and best practice.
  • We make sure there is room for cooperation, knowledge sharing and confidentiality.
  • We believe that we are better together than on our own.


The way we achieve results

  • We always start with our clients’ needs and success criteria, and we are happy to challenge these needs if it is necessary to achieve the highest level of quality.
  • We generate value for our clients and for ourselves by focusing on time, costs and quality.
  • We set ambitious goals and we challenge ourselves and each other to ensure a high level of quality in everything we do.

In the end, we do this to ensure the highest possible level of patient safety.

We make sure to keep ourselves and our clients updated on current compliance and other relevant knowledge. Cooperation, knowledge sharing and project management are all very important subjects to us, and we go the extra mile for our clients’ projects

Genau | Development

We support initiatives within competence building, which in the long-run can help promote ongoing development of medicine and medical equipment. This is why we are also happy to support such things as student funds and study tours that are characterised by having a Life Science development perspective.

Genau | Job satisfaction

It is critical to us that everyone is happy and feels appreciated and that the common and individual development needs are met. It is important that we regard ourselves as part of a company that sets the framework for a high level of development with a holistic focus on people. This means that we constantly focus on job satisfaction and on developing ourselves to better understand the premises of different work-related and social contexts.

Genau Academy

At Genau & More personal development is a certainty. Genau Academy makes sure of this by taking care of the desires of individual employees and of their development and training needs.