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Genau | Development

Development is a general core concept that permeates our Genau DNA and which supports our motivation and premise that quality and trust in medical treatment is about development, implementation and maintenance of the right Quality Mindset.
This means that we consider development to be a key issue, both together in the Genau team and individually, with respect for our individual preferences, competences and personalities. We believe that our quality mindset is largely a product of our community and cooperation, which are focused on knowledge sharing. This way, we develop the exact competences that our clients demand and which make your particular specialist profile unique.

We are working towards a healthier society
"I have chosen to be a consultant because I like something different all the time. This way, I challenge myself and I learn something new while performing important tasks with our clients. I feel that I make a difference and add value. To achieve the best results, I am constantly sparring with my colleagues in Genau & More, the best in the industry."
Robert Hartzell
Senior Consultant

The good consultant

Even though, in our day-to-day work, it may seem that our colleagues are employees and managers in the companies we work with onsite, we are and continue to be consultants. Therefore, it is important that we are constantly focusing on what our clients perceive as “the good consultant”. We are always working to optimise this area.

The IT package

When you are hired as a consultant at Genau & More, you are provided a laptop as one of your working tools. You will of course also be provided a cell phone and an iPad to make sure that you can work as flexibly as possible.

Genau Academy

To cater to the development aspect that is so essential to our Genau DNA, we have established the Genau Academy. It is a collective term for all the activities that are focused on your and our competence development. Furthermore, as a new service, we are offering our clients the possibility to gain some of the educational competences that we possess.