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There should be time for being together

One of our priorities is to make time for fun

Being a part of Genau

When you are employed with us, you simply cannot avoid being social and a good colleague. Since we are far apart and often talk on Skype or the phone, attending the social events we plan during the month is considered the highest priority. We do this to share knowledge and experience and to spar with each other. However, we also do it to be together and to create some common experiences.
"“One factor stands well above the rest for me, and that is good colleagues. Despite being busy and geographically far apart, we greatly prioritise the community. We do this by making sure to create some common experiences and by ensuring knowledge sharing with each other in our day-to-day work.” "
Tine Lykke Bank
Senior Consultant

We provide support while we are physically active

At Genau & More, we are happy to support events that have a health and preventive purpose. This could, for example, include Hjerteløbet (The Heart Run), lifestyle events and campaigns.
We are also happy to lead the way as active athletes, with the motto: “Genau & More Ahead... Try to Keep Up”. Such as in the yearly DHL relay race.

Healthy work-life balance is a common responsibility

We believe that physical and mental well-being are critical for creating the frameworks for the best development and for behaviour that promotes development. Therefore, through our pension and insurance scheme, we always make sure that our employees are financially and medically well-insured. Furthermore, we strive to make a healthy work-life balance our common responsibility. We want you to combine your work with your family life in such a way that both you and your family are happy.

We want you to feel good and to recognise yourself in our values

And that you see yourself as part of a community with good colleagues whom you can trust, communicate with freely and openly and continue to develop together.
A fundamental concept of our health and job satisfaction policy is that you should be comfortable at Genau & More and as part of the team. Part of the challenge is that we each spend most of our time with our clients. Therefore, we strive to arrange team-building events several times annually.