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Theis Jensen


Project Management
Medical Devices
Qualification & Validation

Theis holds a B.Sc. in Healthcare Technology from the Technical University of Denmark and has experience within medical technology in the public health sector.

During his studies, Theis has gained knowledge to understand processes in developing medical devices, QMS, project management and is able to connect the two worlds of technology and healthcare. He has worked with safety and quality aspects in the implementation of medical devices to assure compliance with the medical device regulation, as well as working with user-centred design processes.

As a consultant Theis is detail oriented and works systematically for planning and finding solutions for problems, workflows, processes, and projects, but his most important tool is the human understanding and meeting clients exactly where they are.

“I am an extroverted and energetic person with a holistic approach to my projects. I work systematically and task-oriented with focus on high quality and I love finding meaning in and making data understandable for all stakeholders.”