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Lars Brandt Holst

Consultant & Project Manager

Design Control
Risk Management
Computer System Validation
Lars holds a degree in Health Technology from Aarhus University and a Master's in Industrial Economics and Management from the Technical University of Denmark. Lars has a great passion for the Life Science industry, where he wants to make a difference for users/companies and patients.
Lars has been employed at G&M for more than 6 years and has gained extensive experience and expertise with project management in pharma and medical technology. Of which the combination of regulatory expertise is applicable to coordinate and execute projects ensuring proper compliance, timely deliveries and cost estimates. This is supported by his great theoretical knowledge from studies and further training in LEAN management, project management, process optimization, operations analysis, business development, business analysis, biomechanics, communication, programming and design of graphical user interfaces for medical use, construction of hardware, patient safety, CE marking, risk analysis , medical information systems, QMS and classification of medical devices. 
"I have sens for detail and always take a systematic approach to a new project. It is important to me that things are done properly, with the inclusion of people's opinions, so that in cooperation we make the right decision for the future strategy of our partners and in the end the safety of patients"