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Nikolaos Frangoulis

Senior Consultant

Quality control
IT & Automation/GAMP

Nikolaos is educated as an Automation Technician from the Danish Armed Forces and spend over 15 years in the Danish Armed Forces. There he worked as an automation technician, weapons technician, and electrician.

He has more than 5 years of experience with Quality and Compliance in the pharmaceutical industry lately at Bavarian Nordic and at Novo Nordisk (DFP Hillerød).

Nikolaos has a lot of experience working as an Automation Specialist with technical insight in automation systems used in all the different phases of pharmaceutical production. He has also worked as an automation subject matter expert in various projects across all areas of pharmaceutical production. In this function, he has collaborated with project managers and system owners in the specification, documentation, and configuration management of new systems.

Nikolaos has been responsible for coordinating tasks with IT specialists, associated consultants and equipment suppliers. He has experience with ensuring data integrity and validity of systems and has been responsible for presenting and defending automation solutions and IT systems for inspections and audits.

“Quality, thoroughness, and attention to detail are the keys to excel in any venture, but this is doubly true when tackling complex problems like industrial automation in the Life Science Industry. This is what I am most passionate about.”