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Jonas Villumsen

Student assistant

Jonas is educated at Roskilde University with a BA in Business Administration & Economics. His heart beats for the Medtech and Life science industry, a passion deeply rooted in his own experiences as a patient living with CCHS (Central Congenital Hypoventilation Syndrome).

Jonas' professional history is remarkable, with an impressive range of internships and student assistant jobs in startups within the IT industry, including renowned companies like Talenthub/Starred and Statum, known from the popular TV series "Løvens hule” (Also known as Shark Tank). He has actively participated and worked in various business areas, including Product Development, Sales, Customer Success Management, and a wide range of Operations functions.

His belief in the "patient for patients" principle forms the heart of his professional approach, and his natural energy, positivity, and sharp analytical skills have made him a desired collaborator in any context. Jonas has a special ability to thrive in collaboration with others and is known for creating an atmosphere of productivity and cohesion in all projects he is involved in.

"The passion for the Life science industry is an indispensable part of my DNA. It's not just a career path; it's a personal mission for me, as I have personally experienced how life-changing innovation in Medtech can be. Working in this field is not just a job; it's my dedication to improving the quality of life for patients like myself."