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Simona Læsø Christensen

Junior Consultant

IT & Automation / GAMP
Facilities & Equipment Validation
Computer System Validation

Simona has a master’s degree in health technology from AAU and works as a junior consultant within GMP, compliance and medical engineering.

During her studies, Simona has gained solid experience within areas like patient safety, bio-statistics, biophysics, digital and stochastic signals, digital hardware/software systems and programming, electronic circuits, clinical technology and information systems. Furthermore, Simon has special expertise within neurophysiology/sensory-motor physiology and cardiology, with a focus on myocardial infarctions, and in biological signals, e.g. EMG. EEG and ECG. During her master’s, Simona worked with very different subjects.

“Apart from doing good and precise work, I value a good process very highly, and thus having a good relationship with my cooperation partners. I thrive working with others – it inspires me.”