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Sidsel Høgenhaug Jakobsen


Medical Devices
Risk Management

Sidsel has a degree in Healthcare Technology from Aarhus University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. During her studies,

Sidsel has acquired knowledge to understand processes in the development of medical devices, QMS, usability, UX design, organizational understanding, implementation and project management. She has worked with safety and quality aspects in the development of systems and equipment to ensure compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), as well as worked with user-centered design processes in the development of interfaces to ensure usability.

As a consultant, Sidsel is detail-oriented and works systematically to plan and understand problems, barriers, workflows, processes, and projects, but her most important tool is the compassionate understanding and interaction with customers exactly where they are.

"It is crucial to me that patient safety is always our common point of reference! I am passionate about quality and safety going hand in hand with understanding users and resources, so that we ensure the best possible solutions to the challenges we face together with the clients.”