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Mathias Egsgaard


Software Development
Domain-Driven Design
Medical Devices

Mathias holds a B.Sc. in Healthcare Technology from Aarhus University School of Engineering. Mathias has previously worked as a software developer developing health technology software.

During his studies, Mathias has gained knowledge to understand processes in developing medical devices by studying MDD and MDR. He has had several courses in software development – from design patterns, graphical user interfaces to testing. Mathias has worked as a software developer and has been part of the development of enterprise software systems within the health technology industry. Using a systematic and test-based approach to software development, Mathias has contributed to the quality and security of software systems. Patient data integrity and security has been ensured through a strong focus on integration- and system tests.

As a consultant Mathias is detail and quality minded and works systematically to understand and solve problems.

“I am very detail-oriented and like to work in a structured way. I strive to always provide a good work effort with a focus on high quality. I like to collaborate with others to reach the best solutions together.”