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Karina Jørgensen

Consultant / Business Development

Business Development

Karina Jørgensen has a Bachelor of Engineering in Business Development (BDE). At Genau & More, she works with lean, innovation and development of Genau & More’s digital platforms and general business processes. In addition to this, Karina acts as support, primarily for our sales, but also for other business functions. During her studies, Karina gained experience from a coordinator position at the engineering firm IDA and as a digital project manager for the digital consultancy agency No Zebra. Furthermore, Karina participated during Smukfest 2016 in the festival’s competition Den Smukkeste Idé (The Most Beautiful Idea), which is the festival’s equivalent to Løvens Hule from DR. Here, the investors supported Karina's idea of developing a Smukfest app that promotes sustainability and the community. An idea that was derived from Karina’s dissertation at BDE. The idea was implemented in 2017, and the app ‘Skal vi dele’ (Shall we share) was released in the App Store in connection with Smukfest 2017.

“I am motivated by challenges, and I am particularly strong in the initial problem-solving phase, where it is important to keep track of all the options while maintaining a good overview of the entire process. My strength is in the conceptualisation, specification, preparation and execution/implementation, in particular of digital solutions that improve performance for all parties and ultimately also for the business.”