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Free E-book about Customer Experience Management & Customer Journey Mapping


Customer satisfaction should be a central output and management KPI of every quality management system within Life Sciences, whether it’s a patient or a device user.

An example could be an allergy sufferer or a hearing aid user. Patients and users are ultimately the ones to use a drug or a device.

Traditionally, we however connect quality management systems with product quality, safety, efficacy and overall compliance, usually headed by Corporate Quality. 

We do though forget a very important stakeholder, the patient or user!

Life science companies should focus more strategically on customer satisfaction and customer experience alongside product quality using this to strengthen their position and differentiating themselves. Every strategy, should start here.

We need to focus more holistically on patient and user journeys across channels, contact points time and place. This will ensure an authentic and consistent patient and user-driven strategy. In the end, this will also affect cost of quality.

This E-book is for Life Science companies who want to achieve higher customer satisfaction and increased customer focus.

The book is in English and contains, among other things, 6 GOOD ADVICE, which is based on our own experiences through the companies we have been working with for the last 5-6 years.

If you find the book inspiring and relevant feel free to share it with colleagues, managers, friends, and and others who could be interested.

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