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Cookie Policy

This page describes how cookies are used at and how personal data is handled. When visiting you accept these terms.

A cookie is a digital footprint, which is saved in your browser. Cookies is almost use at all of today’s websites. All websites in EU is obligated to inform users if the website use cookies, for instance in a document like this. A cookie is an app and do not contain any viruses.

You can at any time delete the cookies on your computer. Read how to delete cookies here.

Cookies allow Genau & more to keep statistics of visitors use of the website. We use these statistics to increase the websites usability. Genau & More’s use of cookies is only for improving the user experience, including behavioural targeted content. Enabling us to provide you with information most relevant to you.

Google Analytics

This service is provided by Google and is used to collect anonymous statistics of users visiting Google Analytics use cookies to recognize computers when repeatedly visiting These anonymous statistics is stored at Googles servers and do not contain any personal sensitive data. Read more about Googles treatment of the collected data. If you choose not to let your visits be registered at Google Analytics following tool can be used.