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Michael Holt


IT & Automation / GAMP
Facilities & Equipment Validation
Computer System Validation

Michael is a Junior Consultant in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) IT & Automation and medical devices. Michael holds a MSc. and a BSc. in Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (Sundhedsteknologi). Moreover, Michael has experience as a Scientific Assistant and as a Youth Worker in the environmental technology industry and the chemical salt production industry.

During his studies Michael has gained good experience with among other patient safety, biostatistics, biophysics, digital and stochastic signals, digital hardware/software systems and programming, electronic circuit, clinical technology, and information systems.

Moreover, Michael has special competencies in neurophysiology/sensory-motor physiology and gastrointestinal physiology/metabolism/digestive system, and in biological signals, e.g. EMG, EEG, EKG, and respiration. Through his master and bachelor project, Michael has worked with evaluation of offset analgesia in deep muscle pain, and with effective visualisation of treatment processes for chronical obstructive lung diseases through VisualizeKOL.

“I am very thorough and systematic in my work approach. I am precise and focused in my gathering of objective data, hence I am good at detail work and logical problem solving. I am very curious and engaged”.