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Helle Petersen

Director, HR & Communication

Helle is a manager with general responsibility for HR and Communication. She holds an MA, Ph.d. and MPO (master’s in organisational psychology). Her speciality is strategic communication, with a particular focus on change processes, management, and the role of adviser and consultant. She has been a business researcher and manager at Novo Nordisk, an independent consultant, research group leader and a senior lecturer within work and organisational psychology at Roskilde University. She is a board member of Dansk Selskab for Kommunikation i Sundhedsvæsenet, a lecturer and author of a number of books and articles on communication in hospitals, quality development of communication culture and change processes.   

At Genau & More, Helle’s responsibilities include recruitment, employee and management development, communication strategy, branding and CSR.

“A trustworthy reputation starts from within. When our employees see that management has an inspiring vision, that they are listened to and that they are challenged both professionally and personally, they go out and provide our clients with even better advice. Employees are our most important asset and the ambassadors for the advice we provide, our consultancy services and for Genau & More as a place of work. My task is to develop the organisational framework so that current and future colleagues thrive and continuously develop individually and as a team.”